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4th of July celebrations in Philly


 Thursday, June 29:

Wawa Hoagie Day, Independence Mall
Culture on Tap at City Hall Courtyard, City Hall

Friday, June 30 :
Red, White & Blue Happy Hour, various locations
Philadelphia Orchestra Concert and Fireworks, Penn’s Landing

Saturday, July 1 :
Pershing’s Own Concert and Fireworks, Penn’s Landing

Sunday, July 2 :
Rocky, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Monday, July 3 :
Philadelphia’s Historic District Block Party, Independence Mall
POPS! on Independence, Independence Hall

Tuesday, July 4 :
Celebration of Freedom Ceremony, Independence Hall
Independence Day Parade, Historic District
Party on the Parkway, Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Freedom Festival Fireworks, Camden, NJ

 Just across the Delaware River, Camden, New Jersey sets off its own set of lights in the sky, simultaneous to the ones going off over the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 9:30-10 p.m., Tuesday, July 4. Wiggins Park, 1 Riverside Drive,

Celebration of Freedom Ceremony

The day’s kickoff begins at Independence Hall during a patriotic presentation. Honorees this year include Philly’s own Boyz II Men. As always, the morning includes a reading of the Declaration of Independence, followed by music and remarks. 10-11 a.m., Tuesday, July 4. 6 th & Chestnut Streets, (267) 546-5424.

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Costa Rica: The Pacific Coast in 3 Days


Traveling for some is leisure, for others a necessity. It becomes part of your lifestyle. It fuels your creativity, and it stimulates your senses. Also, it creates memories and personal connections. That’s how I feel when I travel; disconnected from my daily routine, invigorated! Discovering and learning from other cultures; their values and their customs, the way they see life. It expands my mind, and it widens my perspective. Full of expectations and excitement, my friend Carol and I planned a visit to Costa Rica, a country without an army, pristine beaches and exotic rainforests. Here my list of things to do. Follow my journey in a three days itinerary.



A makeup alternative for travel lovers


During our recent trip to Costa Rica, last November, Angelica and I suffered from smudged eyes. Whether it was from sweat, humidity, tears, or just plain oily lids, whatever the cause, it was far from flattering. After we had returned, we were in search of waterproof makeup products that can be used daily and it doesn’t smudge in warmer weather to take to our next trip.


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