The statement coat and black tights!

The easiest way to add dimension to any outfit and to make a statement is layering and mixing textures. Here it comes the idea of wearing an animal print coat, gray top and black bottoms. I always enjoyed to wear tons of colors, pretty understandable for a Caribbean girl but moving to New York changed the way I see color now. Don’t take me wrong, I still enjoy the rich prints and unexpected combinations with greens, oranges, reds, and blues but I have to admit that I have never thought my favorite color would become black.

tall boots, opaque tights

Definitely, black attire is not merely for important events as funerals, upscale parties, and work attire only, as I used to think. It is more than that, it is timeless and adds elegance to any outfit from day to night. I remember my mom used to tell me not to wear black in very hot days back home, probably that was the reason I was not too enchanted by the beauty of the dark, but the truth is that is perfectly fine to wear black in hot days. It does absorb sunlight but also energy from the body, hiding sweat marks and stains impeccably.

After pitching you the story about how my relation with black was born, this is one of the hundreds of ways I like to wear it. With all black as the foundation, including my favorite black tights from Hanes (here) adding an oversized faux fur leopard coat (similar), a leather mini skirt (similar), and tall boots (here), that could be a formula for a girl night out outfit.  Layering a dark long sleeve with a light sleeveless top add contrast and create a modern look. Pair different textures and materials and make it your own, wear accessories, add a hat or just wear flats, your personality and confidence will make you shine wearing color or my beloved black.

Animal print coat

Animal print coat

Tall boots, Opaque tights tall boots, opaque tights

Photo Credit: Dennis Rodriguez

Angelica Guillen in a green dress

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