sandra cristina


Predestined by art…


Vintage, romantic, flowers, predestinedinlove, gossamer, lace,,ethereal, angelica guillen, stylehopping

It was a rainy day; I arrived 15 minutes after 10 am holding a cup of coffee in one hand and full of excitement. Sandra Cristina approached the door with a warm and pleasant smile on her face, she introduced herself and the MUA/Hairstylist Cristiane, 5 minutes later we started getting ready to shoot.

The studio was beautiful, romantic and elegantly decorated with huge windows that filtered the natural light to the space, just a dream come true for any photographer/artist. I was wearing vintage pieces by Gossamer, and the chemistry was magical, the dream team making art.  We created a very romantic and ethereal collaboration. It was predestined. (more…)

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