How to wear neutrals

Who said neutral tones are boring? In fact, you will never be wrong when wearing beiges and browns. Neutral tones are the foundation of any wardrobe and the truth is that it is very easy to style. You can create contrasting ensembles playing with textures, solids, and prints.

Neutral look

What is a neutral color?

Neutral colors are colors that are very light and not overly bright; it blends well with other colors. Considered neutrals are black, white, gray, brown, cream; these colors will help to create harmony with brighter hues. It is the base canvas to coordinate interesting combinations and balance. It is also an easy way to make other colors pop.

In fashion, neutral colors are very important because they are the base of any wardrobe. Also in the work environment, wearing low saturation colors leave room to play with shoes and accessories, creating the perfect harmonious ensemble.

Neutral colors should not compete but complement your look, have fun mixing and matching!

My look

Hat by Tenth Street Hats
Photo credit: Keston Duke

Profile neutral look

 Neutral outfit

Angelica Guillen in a green dress

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