How to wear a chunky sweater…

With the winter approaching sooner rather than later, it is time to start dressing appropriately for the not so welcomed weather change (at least not for me). Chunky sweaters are a great option to be comfortable, warm and in style.

white sweater culottes

With so many options to try; layered, knitted, textured, oversized, turtleneck… The Chunky Sweater is a must-have during fall/winter season. Easy to pair with skinny jeans, a skirt or leather pants for an edgier touch. I choose to wear it with high waist culottes (similar), tall boots (similar) and a fun bag (similar).
<Zara Bag white sweater culottes  white sweater culottes white sweater  white sweater culottes Angelica Guillen headshot

Photo Credit: Dennis Rodrigue

Angelica Guillen in a green dress

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