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Are you familiar with wearable technology? Let me introduce you to Ringly!

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Technology is always changing, you can see its impact all around you, and that includes in the fashion industry. Because I am always on the look for practical and innovative accessories to complement my wardrobe, I was extremely excited about this collaboration with Ringly. The jewelry brand responsible for creating wearable technology as smart rings and bracelets that connect to your phone via Bluetooth and alert you what is important to you; your mom’s call, your significant other’s text, and tracks your steps too. I received the ring very well wrapped, inside a sleek black box that functions as a charging box with a micro USB cable.

RING SPECS (pictured)

Emerald Cut Moonstone 28.25mm x 20.65mm, 14 Gold-plated stainless steel, 24-48 hours battery life, 5 colored lights alerts with 4 vibration settings to customize, activity tracking, connects with iPhone 5 and up and Android 4.3 and up, Sizes 5 to 9 and water resistant, US$165.

This ring is perfect for somebody who prefers statement jewelry. The stone is a beautiful cut, and the polished metal gives the piece a contemporary look. It is a bold piece, but it is not heavy at all, despite the fact that 40 components inside the ring make it a multitasker winner. You can pick from 6 different stones and metal combinations.

Now let’s talk about how Ringly works. You connect your phone and the ring via Bluetooth after you download the app, both devices will pair and you can customize your alerts with colors and vibrations. The ring has a LED indicator light on the side to inform you if the ring is connected (light blue), who is calling, the email you are expecting… after you assign the color/vibration combination to your important contacts.

Ringly is capable of syncing with different iOS and Android applications and you will receive the notifications alerts as long as you are about 20-30 feet from your phone. If you are out of range Ringly also will let you know with seven short vibrations. You can also set fitness and meditation goals. Tracks your steps and calories burned, you can easily pair it with the ihealth app and more than 100 applications.


Ringly is a multitasking wearable tech ring, very easy to use. Once is paired, all the alarms set up with your contacts, you will not need to check your phone constantly. You can fully immerse in your activities and still be aware of an important text/email.

Based on my experience with the ring, I recommend to set up no more than 5 notifications to start with, once you memorize those then you can add more contacts and apps. I have been wearing it for a couple weeks and I have received a lot of compliments. Ringly is a great investment if you are a techy girl and appreciate innovative designs. For more information, feel free to visit the Ringly website.

Photo Credit: Dennis Rodriguez

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